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KBLUE, is the first italian K-POP idol. The most popular music style currently in the world from South Korea, has an Italian representative.

KBLUE has a single ‘Oh Oh Let Me Go’ in collaboration with two high esteem artists: Snoop Dogg and the Philippine rap star Bassilyo.

He’s now working on the main Italian Tv channel, Canale5, as musical judge of the game show ‘All Together Now’.

2013 saw the beginnings of Fabio’s music career. He wrote, performed, recorded and even made a video in Taiwan for his very first song called ‘Eternity’. 2015 see’s the release of the track ‘Online Shopping Addicted’, and is the year that Fabio promotes his music with a Mall tours in the Philippines to enormous success. His shows are frequented by numbers of fans who even invade the stage.

2016 sees KBLUE occupied with the single ‘Oh Oh Let Me Go’, and enters in a co-production of the track that has not one, but two collaborating artists of high esteem; Snoop Dogg and the Philippines rap star Bassilyo.

2018 is the year of the his single called ‘Does Confusion Lie?’ promoted by the 2018 Confusion Tour in all the Philippines.

The following year Fabio is busy recording two editions of the musical game show ‘All Together Now’ as a judge, conducted by Michelle Hunziker. The same year three musical singles were released; The music video for ‘International Me’ was shot between Santorini and the blue Moroccan city Chefchaouen; ‘Summer Jam’  in a co-production with the Indian Dj Aks; and the Christmas song ‘This Christmas Gift’.

On Youtube his weekly blog on ‘The Weekly News Of K-POP’ gives him much satisfaction.

Now he is ready to surprise us with his new image, KBLUE, and writes:

I finally feel that the name KBLUE fully represents my musical evolution, marking the beginning of my new artistic path, full of surprises coming, with K-POP music at the center of my projects

So KBLUE, the first Italian K-POP idol, describes this evolution.

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